A Partner With Eisenhower

Just wanted to take a few minutes today to formally thank you for the interesting and very informative seminar you presented to the senior concerns committee this past Sunday. Although the turnout was somewhat small, the enthusiasm of the participants clearly made up for it. You were entertaining, easy to understand, and down to earth. Several members have told me how much they learned. You have an engaging style that allowed people to ask questions, and it is clear that you know your stuff. The handouts were an added touch, and I took a bunch extra to pass on to others who were not present. The fact that several members want you to organize a tour of some facilities suggest how well received your talk was. We will be in touch about this at a later date.

I myself learned some things, especially about the veteran’s benefits, which I will gladly pass on to other clients at Eisenhower.<\p>

Again thanks for your expertise, caring and professional manner, and your willingness to share a Sunday afternoon with us.<\p>