I Sleep Peacefully at Night Now!

Hi Janice,

I just wanted to write a note to give my heartfelt thanks to Leann and Rick for their incredible assistance in finding the right place for my dad and for guidance in how to complete the VA forms (including the correct forms) to submit for financial assistance. My dad was released from a skilled nursing facility with literally one day’s notice. After pleading with the facility to extend my dad’s time there, they said no. So I immediately contacted my dad’s social worker and he referred me to Leann and said she was the best person he’s worked with and trusted her completely in helping me find the best fit for my dad. You see, my dad is my hero and his whole world changed within a few weeks as he lost his independent and self-reliant way of life. He can no longer live alone and now needs 24-hour assistance in a facility. I can’t begin to imagine what that is like.

My dad is now in a wonderful place and is receiving incredible care. He has made friends where he is and feels safe and is comfortable. I’m also finalizing the VA paperwork thanks to Rick’s assistance. Rick spent so much time on the phone with me in the evenings to ensure I completely understood what was required to get the forms processed accurately. Both Leann and Rick’s patience, dedication, and true compassion for what they do and the people they do it for has been such a blessing and comfort to all of us. Their sincerity is so refreshing and encouraging. My family and I honestly sleep peacefully at night because of Leann and Rick, knowing dad is safe.

We are forever grateful. Thank you, thank you.<\p>