Alzheimer’s Support

Leann, where do I start?

First of all, you need to replace your supply of business cards at the Rancho Mirage Alzheimer’s office because I just took the last 4 that were there in the card holder. I forgot who the other rep is that has cards in that same holder but your supply is gone. I took some of the brochures and attached your cards to them to pass out to other people I meet who are in dire need of your help.

It’s amazing once you enter this world of Alzheimer’s how many people are in need. This leads to the next thing… I can’t tell you how many times your name comes up in the 3 support groups we attend and how many times your name gets referred out to someone. It’s obvious you have helped many, many people including us.”

Third, well I finally have time to sit and write and tell you thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Without your help, my mother would not be in a safe, wonderful facility that really cares and knows what they are doing.

Happy Holidays to you my dear and we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! You are a gift!

Rick & Norma Lee & Ester too if she could understand.